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Tales of the Great Dharma King

by Yogi Theo Mann

Available on Amazon.com

(Kindle, hard cover, paperback).

Yogi Theo Mann at Whitney Portal in 2013.

Adventurer. Engineer. Product Designer. Ideator. Spiritualist. King of “…Ness”? Great Dharma King? Yogi Theo Mann led a fascinating life. A life interrupted and ultimately cut short by a brain tumor. Before he left this world, he left us with this eclectic collection of stories inspired by his life.You probably won’t find the meaning of life after reading this book, but we bet you’ll find some ideas to ponder, while at the same time laughing along with Theo when he does something unexpected and wincing when he does something that might be a little too risky.

Author’s Description: Stories from product design, dreams, and mystical experiences. Read how Steve Jobs called me an arrogant a-hole while he simultaneously mobilized one third of his company to create my design. Hear how I became fully enlightened, but had to start over at the beginning. These are some of my favorite stories.

About the Author: Yogi Theo Mann was born Theodore J. Gillmann in Los Angeles, California in 1967. He earned a mechanical engineering degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a graduate degree in product design from Stanford University. He worked in product design for several years before going on a spiritual adventure that took him to India and Thailand. It was in Thailand where he learned he had a brain tumor. After three brain tumor operations that left him disfigured, almost deaf, and with motor skill impairment, he died in Los Angeles in April, 2023. He wrote his book, Tales of the Great Dharma King, in the months just before he passed away, by dictating it into his phone.